Sitting Poole Side Hardscape

Belgard Cobblestone around poolHardscape

Start summer off right, by dressing up that old pool and adding a shady sitting area.  It may be the best way to beat the humid NWA heat for the next few months.

Belgard Pavers

We rearranged and leveled some existing Belgard Cobblestone pavers around the pool. Polymeric sand was used between the pavers to help stop weed growth and any further movement of the pavers in the future.


Then we pulled up stepping stones leading from the pool to a side gate.  More stones and rock were added to make the walkway look fuller. Hardscape is a great way to keep dirt away from areas that we like to keep clean.

Next, some native stone steps were added for easier access from the pool into the new gazebo that was built.

Sitting Area Hardscape

This summer poolside oasis was finished off with a shady gazebo type sitting area. It was built completely out of cedar, except for the roof. Native stone and polymeric sand were used for the floor inside the sitting area. This helps keep everything clean. Less debris gets drug into the pool, and wet feet stay clean on the way out.


Add lights and a ceiling fan so the pool can be enjoyed 24/7 all summer.  Less heat, humidity, dirt, and flies. The guests at this pool will never want to leave as long as the drinks keep coming.

Aspen Cobblestone Sitting Area