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Northwest Arkansas Native Plants Landscape Inspiration

Lawn and Garden Plant Pests

  • Natural Tricks for Better Soil
    What the weeds growing in your yard are telling you.
  • Best Grass to Grow in the Ozarks
    The Ozarks are a transitional band that is somewhere in between cool and warm weather grasses. So what grows best? What grows at all? Most importantly what kind of grass will help with my erosion?
  • Benefits of Lawn Overseeding
    Overseeding is adding grass seed on top of your existing grass. This process helps fill in bald or thin patches in your lawn
  • When To Water The Lawn In Northwest Arkansas
    Keep your grass green and and your grass roots healthy for a picture perfect lawn.
  • Tips for a More Dog-Friendly Lawn
    We love our dogs. They are caring and loyal, I can’t imagine my household without a dog. But some days they try my patience, especially when it comes to my yard and garden beds. We’ve jumped through some pretty major hoops and tried some really odd things to make our yard more dog-friendly. I know… Read more: Tips for a More Dog-Friendly Lawn
  • Fall Cleanup Service
    Let 2 J’s & Sons handle your fall cleanup service and landscape maintenance. We’ll your lawn and landscape in shape for winter. So you can enjoy the nice weather and have less mess come springtime. Our leaf removal service is customized for your personal lawn. Leaf mulching, Leaf haul off, or just relocation. Let us… Read more: Fall Cleanup Service


  • Outdoor Kitchen
    Outdoor Kitchen We love to BBQ in the summer. The only thing better is keeping the mess and most of the guests outdoors while we do it. Custom outdoor kitchen sets make a great conversation piece and are a great addition to any patio or sitting area. This outdoor kitchen setup has a broiler, utensil… Read more: Outdoor Kitchen
  • Beautiful Native Stone Fire Pit
    Full Backyard Landscaping This gorgeous backyard landscaping sets off this new home perfectly. It went from bare to a peaceful, luscious green paradise. Fresh sod and river rock combined to keep erosion problems under control and to cut out some mowing for the wonderful homeowners. This beautiful native stone firepit stole the show and will… Read more: Beautiful Native Stone Fire Pit
  • Landscaping Steep Property On A Budget
    Landscaping Steep Yards This is a gorgeous spot located on a little lake in Bella Vista, AR. The very steep grade of the backyard going down to the lake presented many challenges. The sidewalk leading down to the lake is so steep that you have to almost lean backward in order to walk down it.… Read more: Landscaping Steep Property On A Budget
  • Aspen Cobblestone Sitting Area
    This cute suburban backyard just got a little bit more family-friendly. Belgard‘s Aspen Cobblestone pavers have turned the family’s small back porch into an enjoyable sitting and grilling area. This extended family loves their new extra space. Grandma has a quite pleasant place to wake up with her morning coffee. Dad got to keep his… Read more: Aspen Cobblestone Sitting Area
  • Blue Grey Tennessee Flagstone Firepit
    Imagine the cozy warmth of a fire on a crisp evening, surrounded by the rustic charm of a Grey Blue Tennessee Flagstone Firepit. If you’re seeking the perfect addition to your Northwest Arkansas outdoor living space, this fall 2 J’s & Sons recommends this flagstone. Grey Blue Tennessee Flagstone Firepits: Elegance Meets Functionality Grey Blue… Read more: Blue Grey Tennessee Flagstone Firepit
  • New Sod and Flower Beds
    Landscaping Installation This yard went from a rocky mess to a green dream. New sod and flowerbeds with mulch to go with a new home. We planted phlox, ornamental grasses, glit edge, nandina, purple leaf crepe myrtle, purple heuchera, and a pencil bush just to name a few. It was all capped off with a… Read more: New Sod and Flower Beds

Chimney Sweeps and Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • Why Keeping A Dryer Vent Clean is Important
    Regularly maintaining the line that vents your clothes dryer out of your home is one of the most important things you can do to keep your home safe. It also helps prolong the life of your dryer. Cleaning the vent on our clothes dryer is often the furthest thing from our minds. After all, we… Read more: Why Keeping A Dryer Vent Clean is Important
  • Chimney Sweep Near Me and Fireplace Maintenance
    In many homes, traditional wood-burning fireplaces have become a less common feature. Oftentimes, these fireplaces are primarily used for decorative purposes. However, when inclement weather strikes, the power goes out, or heating bills become burdensome, these forgotten fireplaces suddenly become essential. Yet, the maintenance aspect, including chimney sweeps and gas unit stove servicing, is often… Read more: Chimney Sweep Near Me and Fireplace Maintenance
  • Chimney Sweep Service
    Chimney Sweep Services in Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri Chimney sweeps play a vital role in keeping your fireplace safe and functioning properly. By regularly sweeping your chimney, they can remove ash, soot, and other debris that can cause fires and other problems. This is an essential part of fireplace maintenance, and it’s important to… Read more: Chimney Sweep Service

Holiday Lighting Service

  • Holiday Lighting Installation Service
    2 J’s & Sons are now offering Holiday Light Installation in the NWA area. We love to drive around a look at the wonderful lights during the holidays. In the past few years, it seems like fewer and fewer homes are putting them up. At 2 J’s & Sons, we understand the hassle and lack… Read more: Holiday Lighting Installation Service
  • Holiday Lighting Services Have The Best Lite House
    Holiday Lighting Services Are you ready to take your holiday decorations to the next level? Look no further than 2 J’s & Sons, your premier choice for holiday lighting services in Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri. We’ve been spreading holiday cheer since 2017, and this year. Elevate your holidays with 2 J’s & Sons’ spectacular… Read more: Holiday Lighting Services Have The Best Lite House
  • Time for Christmas Lights
    We hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. With one holiday over, we start looking towards the next. But Christmas is starting to be on everyone’s mind. The calls started coming in a couple of weeks ago for Christmas lights. We will begin putting them up next week for some folks. If you would… Read more: Time for Christmas Lights
  • Christmas Light Hanging Services
    2 J’s & Sons spruces Up Northwest Arkansas with dazzling residential Christmas Holiday Light Hanging Services Christmas Holiday Light Hanging Services The holiday season is upon us. 2 J’s & Sons Lawn and Landscape is excited to announce their festive Christmas Holiday Light Hanging services. Bringing warmth and joy to homes across Northwest Arkansas and… Read more: Christmas Light Hanging Services
  • Christmas Light Installation Near Me
    Neighborhood Christmas light installations and Hanukkah light installations help spread cheer and joy, to all those who pass them each winter season. Plus the kids love them and every year it seems like there are fewer and fewer homes decorated. Help light up your neighborhood and spread cheer this holiday season for all that pass… Read more: Christmas Light Installation Near Me
  • The Holidays Are Over Landscaping
    As the year winds down and the holiday season comes to a close, it’s essential to shift your focus towards ensuring your outdoor spaces are ready for the winter. At 2 J’s & Sons, we understand the unique demands of lawn and landscape care in Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri. During the colder months it’s… Read more: The Holidays Are Over Landscaping

Guest Posts and Other Lawn and Landscape Information

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