Christmas Light porch installation

The Holidays Are Just Around The Corner

The year is almost over and it’s time to get the lawn in order for winter while planning the decorations. If you need help with your winter decor or holiday lighting give us a call.

Here is how we plan to spend the next few months, and a picture from a few winters ago to help stir the winter spirit.

Next year will begin with finishing up things from 2021. We have a new shop planned to make inventory and repairs easier. Next on our list is cleaning up from the holidays. There will be holiday décor that needs to be stored and lights (lots and lots of Lights) will need to be taken down. Most yards in the area are about to need a  fall cleanup. Hopefully, we will only have a few storms this season. If the weather cooperates we have a few awesome landscape and hardscape projects on the schedule and some sod that is almost ready for a brand new home.

It is getting cold outside so don’t forget to check your propane tanks if you have one and be sure the fireplaces and gas units have been serviced before it stays too chilly out.

If you planning to have Christmas lights or other outside decor put up this year please get on the schedule in advance give us a call soon. No, you do not have to purchase the lights from us, we are more than happy to hang your own lights for you.

We are still doing yard clean-ups, gutter cleaning, and well everything else that we do. Including working on a front yard make-over with a lot of brick and block work plus some pavers. We will have pictures of that soon, and some of the in-progress pictures on Instagram