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native plants

Virginiana Spiderwort

This 3 ft. tall perennial likes acid soil and shady locations, although it may occasionally be found in full sun. The blooms close around mid-day.

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scarlet catchfly, native plants

Fire Pink Silene Virginica or Scarlet Catchfly

In the Northwest Arkansas area the Scarlet Catchfly generally begins blooming as soon as April and can last until almost July.

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lawn maintenance service

Best Grass to Grow in the Ozarks

The Ozarks are a transitional band that is somewhere in between cool and warm weather grasses. So what grows best? What grows at all? Most importantly what kind of grass will help with my erosion?

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outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen We love to BBQ in the summer. The only thing better is keeping the mess and most of the guests outdoors while we do it. Custom outdoor kitchen

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