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Erosion Control
Artificial Turf

We offer plenty of options for lawns! For the busier clients, we’re happy to consult and install low need lawns. We are happy to assist in any need: low sunlight, water or care are all options we offer!

We are fully licensed and insured and are always learning new ways to make your lawn and garden the best it can be! We can consult you on what the best option for erosion is in your lawn. 

Mulching is a great way to assist in cleaning up the look of your lawn or garden. It also rebuilds the health of the soil, so it is a great over-winter covering.

For both residential and commercial low-maintenance lawsn, we offera variety of artificial turfs to meet your needs.


We are well equipped to handle any pavers or masonry installations your require. Including firepits and retaining walls.

We are fully prepared to install steps, walkways, patios, or any flatwork foundations for outdoor structures. 

Outdoor buildings and coverings are great to add to our door spaces! We are capable of design and build!

Outdoor fireplaces, grills and mini kitchens are well within our capabilities. 

Patios & Walkways
Small Structures
Outdoor Kitchens
Flower & Shrub Planting
Native Planting

Garden Design

From clearing, laying foundations and borders to full planting and maintenance, we are happy to help you design and plant your dream garden.

If you are already well into your garden and are just looking to spruce it up, we can offer expert advice on ideal plants, and installation, and garden pests.

Natives plants as a general rule of thumb are adapted to their environment.  This makes them hardier to their particular climate conditions. We can offer consultations on the best native plants for your garden.

All gardens need a little help once in a while. We are happy to provide fertlization services for short and long term.

Lawn & Garden Maintenance

For both commercial and residential lawns! We offer mowing as a reoccurring service or as an occasional service.

For shrubbery and hedges, trimming is a must.  We offer a variety of maintenance time frames.

Weeding, trimming, and general maintenance are the best way to ensure your garden thrives.

Any debris or trimmings we are happy to clean up and dispose of.

Garden Maintenance
Waste Disposal


Mulch add a very clean manicured look instantly to any lawn or garden. Even as the mulch degrades, it add to the health of the soil. Mulch is an excellent long term solution. 

Any lawn or garden may need that little boost before planting. We can delivery large or small loads of Topsoil for any of your planting needs.

A good start to creating a quality soil is  composting. We are happy to delivery compost to you for the natural way to make your soil healthy. 

For design purposes or walkways, gravel is a great, simple, long term solution of lining or fill needs. 

Seasonal Services

We happy to come out and spread Holiday spirit by setting up Holiday decorations and lighting.

Chimney Sweeps and Fireplace Maintenance For the safety of your home during the cold months, we are happy to do routine chimney sweeps. 

Routine dryer vent cleaning is an important part of home maintenance.

Chimney Sweeping

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