Christmas Light Service

Christmas Light Installation

Yes, we know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. But honestly holiday lights help spread cheer and joy, even to the Scrooge’s who don’t want to admit it. Plus the kids love them and every year it seems like there are less and less homes decorated and light up for the holidays.

We have started hanging lights the beginning of November for the past several years. If you don’t have the time, equipment or even just don’t want the headache give us a call. We will come back and take them down after the New Year.

2 J’s checks to make sure all the bulbs are working properly and can set them up on a timer if you prefer. We can hang your personal lights (we wrap them back up neatly in January), purchase lights for you so you don’t have to go shopping for them, or you may rent some that we already have on hand.

No contracts. Plus great customer service if a bulb goes out or timer gets changed.

Let’s all make Holiday Spirits a Little Brighter this season.

Christmas Light driveway

Blue Lights

Fall cleanup and leaf removal 

The Holidays Are Over

Hello 2019 we are so glad you are here. We have lots of great things planned here at 2 J’s for this year.  

For now that begins with finishing up things from 2018. First on our list is cleaning up from the holidays. Decorations need to be stored and lights (lots and lots of Lights) need to be taken down. Most yards in the area have already had fall cleanup taken care of, but with the few storms that have come through and everyone being busy for the holidays some lawns still need attention.

It is cold outside but we are still working hard. If you have Christmas lights or other out side decor that need taken down give us a call. Yes, even if we did not put it up for you.

We are still doing yard clean ups, gutter cleaning and well everything else that we do. Including working on a front yard make over with a lot of brick and block work and some pavers. We will have pictures of that soon, and some of the in progress pictures on Instagram  

Holiday Lighting

We begin installing holiday lights every year in November.Several of our long time customers like to turn them on for Thanksgiving dinner or the day  after. We start taking them down again after New Years. This allows customers to get the most time and enjoyment out of their holiday displays.

We can hang the lights that you already own or rent some that we keep on hand, as long as the supply lasts. Here is a job we rented the lights on for two years, Wishing for a white Christmas  

Save the time and hassle of strings,extension cords, timers and ladders with 2 J’s & Sons. We have been putting up lights for customers since 2015 and do most of them while our customers are at work.

Time for Christmas Lights

We hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. With one holiday over, we start looking towards the next. But Christmas is starting to be on everyone’s mind.

The calls started coming in a couple of weeks ago for Christmas lights. We will begin putting them up next week for some folks. If you would like your lights up for Thanksgiving or in place to turn on just after give us a call. Early bird specials will be in place.


Holiday Lighting

The Best Lite House


The Best Lite House

Holiday lighting on the lake. This project took 3500 feet on white lights, and 400 feet of multicolored lights along the roof. That’s almost 20,000 lights.  holiday-lighting-2

Getting them all spread out on different breakers was the hardest part of this project. This family has the best lite house on their lake.

At the beginning of the year we will take their lights down and store them for next year.

Yes, they are planning to add more lights for next year. They still have more trees they would like done, as well as adding music to complete the experience. holiday-lighting-trees



Holiday Lighting

We love to drive around a look at the wonderful lights during the holidays. In the past few years it seems like fewer and fewer homes are putting them up. At 2 J’s & Sons we understand the hassle and lack of time most people have for this daunting task that helps make the holidays enjoyable and more festive. Especially here in NWA where we can’t rely on the snow to help usher in a more festive spirit. christmas-snowman


We want to help make the holidays easier for you, and more enjoyable for the kids and neighbors. So let us help take the stress out and do the hard work. Dragging out the ladder and untangling that mass of lights, all the while hoping the bulbs all still work.


  • Use your own lights and decor or let us supply them for you.
  • We will also come back at any point if your lights are malfunctioning.
  • We will put them up and come back after the holiday to take them down.
  • If you already have lights of your own you can rely on us to pack them away neatly for next


Let’s make the holidays brighter by lighting up Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri. Give 2 J’s & Sons a call to talk about your holiday decorations, estimates are always FREE 417-772-4181. Contact