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Benefits of Lawn Overseeding

What Is Overseeding

What is overseeding, and who should consider overseeding their lawn?

Overseeding is adding grass seed on top of your existing grass. This process is an important part of a lawn care routine. It helps fill in bald or thin patches in your lawn, that may be caused by heavy traffic, kids, pets, erosion, or poor weather conditions.    

high traffic before overseeding
No one wants bare spots on their lawn. Overseeding can help.

On occasion, the homeowner may choose to use a different variety of grass seeds. High-traffic areas may benefit from a type of grass that is more adept at handling the added stress. Or a cold weather variety of seeds may add more color to your lawn during the winter months when the rest of your grass is dormant. The best part is that the already established grass in your lawn will help to hold the new seed in place, preventing heavy rain and watering from washing it away.

Best Time To Overseeding A Lawn

Overseeding may be done in early spring or fall. It can be as simple as throwing handfuls of new seeds in the areas you want the new grass. For better results and larger areas, it may be necessary to rake the desired area to remove debris and loosen compacted soil. A seed spreader may come in handy too. 

Why you should over-seed your lawn

Lawn maintenance can continue as normal for the most part. A few extra waterings may be necessary, and it wouldn’t hurt to cut down on excessive traffic until the new seed establishes. But the existing turf should help establish the new seedlings.

Cost Of Overseeding

Overseeding is a cheap and easy way to help a tired-looking lawn get a new lease on life. Add curb appeal without using expensive toxic chemicals and spending a fortune.  

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