The Best Lite House

Holiday Lighting Service

2 J’s & Sons have offered holiday lighting as a service since 2017. We enjoy discussing new ideas with our holiday lighting clients every year. Our entire crew enjoys putting up the lights and reconnecting with these unique jolly customers each season. This year a new customer reached out to us for a bet he made with a neighbor.  Nothing helps get the whole neighborhood in the spirit quite as much as a friendly holiday lighting rivalry. This customer and his neighbor are great examples of spreading Holiday cheer. Each one tried to see just how many bulbs they could get up on their property safely, the winner would be declared as having the best lite house.

How Many Bulbs Ended Up on The Best Lite House

Holiday Lighting rivalry on the lake. This project ended up using 3500 feet of white lights, and 400 feet of multicolored lights along the roof. That’s almost 20,000 Christmas light bulbs.  The homeowners chose to use mostly white lights on their property partly because there was no snow in the weather forecast for the holidays.  So at least for this Christmas, our customers had the brightest and most lights on their new home full of Christmas cheer.

best lite house

Getting them all spread out on different breakers and finding enough plugins was the most challenging part of this project. In the end, this family had the best lite house on their side of the lake.

2 J’s & Sons will take their lights down at the beginning of the year and store them for use next year at Christmas.

Yes, they are planning to add more lights to their home for next year. They still have a few more trees they would like done, as well as adding music to complete the experience. Who will have the best lite house next year?

holiday lighting trees in the yard of our best lite house
Holiday Lite trees

holiday lighting best lite porch

white holiday lights