Landscaping services are a great way to improve the look and feel of your property. They can also help to increase your property’s value. 2 J’s & Sons offers many different landscaping services. Here are some of our landscaping services if you can’t find the landscaping service fits your needs and budget give us a call to discuss your project and we can try to fit your landscaping service needs.

Landscaping Services

Landscape Maintenance

2 J’s offers weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly landscape maintenance packages to meet any landscape requirements your property may have. Schedule an estimate to discuss what will work best for your landscape needs and budget.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

We offer plenty of options for landscapes! For the busier clients, we’re happy to design and install low maintenance landscapes,  We are happy to assist with any need: shaded lawns, drought tolerant lawns, no mow lawns, steep yards, gravel yards ect. 

Erosion Control

say good-bye to erosion  in your lawn or landscape. Drainage installation and comprehensive plans to prevent water from damaging your home and landscape.


Mulching is a great way to assist in cleaning up the look of your lawn or garden. It also rebuilds the health of the soil, so it is a great over-winter covering.

Artificial Turf

For both residential and commercial low-maintenance lawns, we offer a variety of artificial turf to meet your needs. No Mow turf, dog turf, or putting greens.

Hardscaping Service

Pavers and Native Stone

We are experienced in paver or flagstone installations. Including firepits and retaining walls

Patios & Walk Ways

 installation of steps, walkways, patios, sitting areas, or other landscape hardscaping

Outdoor Living

Outdoor buildings and coverings are great to add to outdoor spaces! Outdoor fireplaces, grills and outdoor kitchens to take the party to the backyard


Garden Design

From clearing, laying foundations and borders to full planting and maintenance, we are happy to help you design and plant your dream garden.

Garden Planting

Shrub trimming, generally care, expert advice, or native plants, installation, and garden pests.

Native Plants

Natives plants as a general rule of thumb are adapted to their environment.  This makes them hardier to their particular climate conditions. We can offer consultations on the best native plants for your garden.


All gardens need a little help once in a while. We are happy to provide fertilization services for short and long term.

Lawn Care and Maintenance


Grass cutting, whipping, edging and hard surface blow off of all grass clippings 2 J’s & Sons services both commercial and residential lawns! We offer mowing as a reoccurring service or as an occasional service.

Trimming and Shrub Care

For shrubbery and hedges, trimming is a must.  We offer a variety of lawn and garden maintenance services.

Garden Maintenance

Weeding, trimming, and general maintenance are the best way to ensure your garden thrives.

Lawn Waste Disposal and Leaf Clean Up

Fall leaf removal, storm debris or shrub trimmings we are happy to clean up and dispose of most organic lawn matter.

Animal Waste Removal Service / Pooper Scooper Service

Outdoor dog excrement removal. Let 2 J’s keep your yard people-friendly all year long.

Lawn and Landscape Delivery Services


Mulch adds a very clean manicured look instantly to any lawn or garden. Even as the mulch degrades, it add to the health of the soil. Mulch is an excellent long term solution. 

Top Soil

Any lawn or garden may need that little boost before planting. We can delivery large or small loads of Topsoil for any of your planting needs.


A good start to creating  quality soil is  composting full of nutrients to keep plants healthy. 2 J’s & Sons provides delivery and spreading of compost. 


For design purposes or walkways, gravel is a great, simple, long term solution of lining or fill needs. Chocolate, river rock, creek gravel and more

Seasonal Landscaping Services

Holiday Lighting Service

Christmas Lighting and Holiday decorations and lighting installation service at reasonable prices from November to January each year. We will put them up and take them down after  New Year’s. 

Chimney Sweep Service

Chimney Sweeps and Gas Fireplace Cleaning. All heating should be services annually, some wood units and chimneys may need cleaned twice during the winter. Please remember when scheduling that your fire must have been out long enough for the box to be cold before it can be serviced. We recommend chimney sweeps be preformed about September before the first fire is lit for the season.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Routine dryer vent cleaning is an important part of home maintenance and fire safety. 

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