2020 COVID-19 And Us

We are all aware of the pandemic currently unfolding. Some are taking it more seriously than others. No matter your personal stance on the current events we want to let you know that we are taking it all into consideration.

Our Personal Lives (skip this if you like)

2 J’s & Sons is not a company that set out to make it big or just do it for money.   We do lawn care and landscaping because it is what we like to do. We do it because a company closed their doors without telling their customers and sideling their employees. We do it for our family, it just works for us. At this time 2 J’s has more of our family members working for it than ever before. It is a wonderful thing, and we have always gone out of our way for all of our employees. Covid-19 brings a new level to our care. At this moment 2 J’s & Sons is also responsible for six (6) children that we are related to. School is out of session until April 6th and we take that seriously. Mothers and children are remaining at home as much as possible. This is an easy thing for us to do, we do not consider it a hassle. Currently, our only unrelated employee is also the caregiver for his aging mother I can promise he is not taking any chances. This was all a little personal but as a small business that is part of our culture.

How The Lawn and Landscape Industry is Different

To break it down a little we spent a lot of Saturday and Sunday discussing our options and the pros and cons ( while watching the news and making phone calls). In the end or at least for the moment, we have decided to keep working as usual for as long as possible. If any of our employees or their families get sick or run a fever we will stop immediately.

So here it is our industry is very different we really do not ever have to get in very close physical contact with our customers. Most of our existing customers can communicate with us by phone, text or email. The majority of new customers can as well if we have to do a walk around there is no reason for us to be near the customer as long as we can hear each other.

  • Please do not try to shake hands. We know it’s an impulse and Jeff falls for it every time. Checks can be left outside for us.
  • All of our invoices and estimates are digital;
  • We are washing our hands as much as possible. As well as sanitizing our homes and vehicles every few hours.
  • Our industry is collaborating and researching all the things we should be and can do to make it more healthy and safe. 2 J’s is implementing and following all of their recommendations
  • Keeping lawns and other green spaces clean and maintained is good for mental health and overall well being. It is even more important for physical health if these areas grow out of control and are not kept clean, pests will reign out of control and cause more health problems. Mosquitos, ticks, fleas, etc. can be more than just a nuisance and cause serious health issues. 
  • As of March 17, 2020, The National Association of Landscapers (NALP) was petitioning and holding meetings with government officials for the above reasons as well as trash and pollution reasons if lawns and green spaces are not maintained properly and in a timely manner.

Our Customers

We have several customers that we love to sit and talk with before we leave. You know who you are, we also know that a lot of you have health conditions that make this more dangerous for you. We would rather stay outside and pick up your check off the door. Your health matters to us. But we do love talking to you and you may always call us to chat we keep crazy hours and will most likely answer or call you back to just chat.