Tips for Growing a Healthy Lawn in the Ozarks

Lawn Care

Cooler weather should be just around the corner. It makes a perfect time for lawn care. I don’t just mean cutting the grass.  Overseeding a Lawn with bare spots, aerating, and top-dress to promote fertilization are all great things to do during cooler weather for lawn care. Here are some of our tips for growing a healthy lawn in the Ozarks.

Topdressing a lawn

Topdressing is when a thin layer of very high-quality dirt is added to the top of a lawn. It is raked in to fill odd holes and divets in the lawn. The dirt is generally composed of compost, manure, and worm castings to help fertilize and replace the nutrients that have been absorbed by the grass root system over time. Every living thing appreciates a diet routine change. Here is a little more information on soil amendment  Natural Tricks for Better Soil

bare lawn
Top dress and overseed to fix bare spots.

Overseeding a lawn

Overseeding is simply adding new grass seed to the lawn to help fill in bare or thin spots. After topdressing is a great time to overseed. It gives the new seed a good place to rest and lots of nutrients help it grow. Benefits of Over-Seeding


 is for lawns that have become root-bound. The roots have in most cases become so grown together that there is no room for new starts to begin. Aeration can also benefit a lawn that has suffered drought or when the soil has not been properly amended and fertilized. Here is more information on  Lawn Aeration

Remove Rocks and other Debris.

Cooler weather is also a good time to just get out in the yard and remove any loose rocks that happen to have grown. Yes, everyone that lives in NWA and the Ozarks knows that we actually grow rocks here overnight. They prevent grass from growing, trip children, and wreak havoc on lawnmower blades.


 can be done almost all year round. Autumn leaves can be mulched with a lawnmower to add the leaf debris back into the lawn. It’s also a lot quicker than raking them all up. Saves garbage bags or the risk of starting a fire for those that burn them instead of bagging or mulching them.

During the growing season mowing over large clumps of grass, several times adds the nutrients and any seed that was on the grass back into the soil.

leaving clumps of grass when mowing can kill the new grass growing underneath
leaving grass clumps after mowing can kill the new grass growing underneath.

Let the Grass Seed

 As the weather gets cooler or before it begins to get too hot again let the grass get a little shaggy and produce its own seed. Why waste, free seed, and risk more bare spots later when the lawn can replenish itself with free nutrients.

grass seed
grass does not have to grow too high only until you start to see the tassels

Lawn Care in the Ozarks

A lush grassy lawn only takes a little lawn care. Well, maybe a little more care and attention here in the Ozarks where the ground is so rocky and most of our dirt consists of clay that does not promote good drainage or root growth. Lawn care does not have to be a headache, a few minutes each season can make a huge difference and most of it can be done during nice weather. Doing outdoor tasks in the Ozarks during cool days is wonderful to experience since we have so few that aren’t hot and muggy or cold and windy.

lawn care service
lawn care, grass mowing

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