Northwest Arkansas Native Deer Resistant Plants

Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas are home to many species of plants that are not only beautiful but more importantly, resistant to deer. Deer can be a nuisance to homeowners and gardeners, as they are prone to eating foliage and destroying perfectly manicured gardens. While there is no guarantee that a species is completely deer-proof, these plants have been largely left alone by hungry deer.

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10 Deer Resistant Plants

  • Deer Resistant Plant Ideas

1. Carolina Jessamine – Is also called False Jasmine is a deer-resistant vine that boasts yellow flowers.

Carolina Jessamine yellow flower blooms

2.  Black-eyed Susan – This drought, deer, and rabbit-resistant plant grows in sun or partial shade, producing bright yellow blooms with dark centers.

yellow Black Eyed Susan Flower
Image by Mike Goad 

3.  Threadleaf Coreopsis – This popular selection is blessed with attractive foliage and cheery daisy-like yellow blooms that bloom throughout the summer. Unlike other coreopsis varieties, this one is a perennial and deer resistant.

yellow Threadleaf Coreopsis
Image by hellenmoreirat0

4. Yarrow – These low-lying evergreen plants are drought-tolerant and deer resistant. They form mounds of striking flowers.

native plants

5. Leadplant – A woody shrub with small, round leaves and violet flowers, it is able to handle the often unpredictable weather in Southwest Missouri where it grows natively in glades and prairies.

purple flowered leadplant
Image by wisconsinpictures

6. Astilbe – A small tufted perennial flower that starts blooming around May. 

spikey native Astilbe is deer resistant
Image by Alina

7. Wild Columbine – This native flower is a favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies, and is rarely eaten by deer.  Aquilegia canadensis is found on rocky slopes and rocky wood lines in Missouri and throughout eastern U.S.A and Canada.

Missouri native plant, wild red columbine is deer resistant
Image by Jessica Jeffery

8. Summersweet Clethra – This low shrub produces fragrant white blooms that usually persist until autumn.

deer resistant summersweet native bush

9. Butterfly Weed – This orange wildflower attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. And is also deer resistant and can handle poor, dry soils.

butterfly weed a NWA deer resistant plant native plants

10. Bee Balm – This is a native pollinator that has bright red blooms from July through August. Deer typically leave bee balm alone, while humans enjoy its showy flowers. It’s ideal for a sunny border.

spikey red flower from bee balm a deer resistant plant
Image by Jan Haerer