Pond Rebuild

Landscaping for erosion control with patience in mind, while we help stabilize a small pond and add more sound to a quiet neighborhood backyard. This landscaping project has a few of the concerns and issues that many homeowners face when it comes to landscape design.

We fixed a leaky pond with a solar-powered waterfall. As well as laying some flagstone for a sidewalk that will help hold grass seed in place to help with erosion control. In another section, some gravel was added for a walkway that will also help with erosion by slowing down more water runoff. Both the stone and gravel should help control an existing erosion problem, and help to fill in bare spots on the lawn near the house foundation. This area gets more shade than the rest of the lawn from the shadow of the house. The shade and erosion issues have changed the customer’s original plan for this section of the backyard.

flagstone and gravel

Landscaping For Erosion Control

This lawn gets a lot of sun throughout the day. So growing grass has been a little hard, even though the homeowner waters it daily. The pathways will help fill in some bare spots where grass seed was washed away previously. Landscaping for erosion control in low maintenance environmentally friendly fashion is something this homeowner is very passionate about. Patience is key and part of her backyard plan as opposed to an instant gratification landscape makeover.


Pond Landscaping Rebuild

The landscape crew added some smaller rocks to the existing pond spillway. The customer build the pond herself and did not really want it changed. Her chief issue was durability and sound. Pesky nighttime visitors had been taking advantage of a cool place and easy drink. Heavier stones that matched the walkway from the deck stairs have helped stabilize the pond edges. To prevent raccoons from knocking the stones into the water.

Ornamental grasses planted on the spillway sides of the pond help direct the sound of flowing water towards the deck. The smaller stones along the path the water flows help create the sound of a summer babbling brook.

peach lily

The waterfall sounds fantastic, and the peach water lilies complement the entire project. This backyard is a great place to relax before bed or wake up in with a morning cup of coffee.

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