Virginiana Spiderwort

This 3 ft. tall perennial likes acid soil and shady locations, although it may occasionally be found in full sun. The blooms close around mid-day.

Virginian Spiderwort

This gorgeous purple native flower grows in the Eastern United States all the way from Minnesota to Georgia. Tradescantia Virginiana or Virginian Spiderwort is a native plant in the Ozarks, Southern Missouri, and Northwest Arkansas. It makes the perfect addition to almost any garden. Plus pollinators love it.

purple spiderwort flower

Spiderwort Description

In the Ozarks, Spiderwort wildflowers can be found most often from April to July.

Spiderwort grows to three (3) feet tall. It has a tall grass-like stalk that produces purple blooms with 3 petals. However, blooms vary in color and shade. Color variants include blue, purple, or white. The center of the bloom has purple hair and six yellow stamens. The leaves are green and pointed with long channels.

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Best Growing Conditions for Virginian Spiderwort Plants

This perennial grows best in acid soil. It prefers shady areas in meadows and along wood lines. It will grow in full sun. If it is in direct sun the blooms will close during mid-day. Virginian Spiderwort handles the hot humid climate of the Ozarks very well. Its added pop of color makes it fit well into any yard or garden while attracting friendly pollinators to help other plants thrive.