Gutter Cleaning and Power Washing

Why Gutter Cleaning is Important

We recommend bi-annual gutter cleaning. Keeping the gutters clean and free of debris can help protect your home and, in many cases, the lawn too. Impacted downspouts can be expensive to replace. As well as doing damage to your home and causing erosion to the lawn. Gutter cleaning is an important part of lawn care and landscaping.

We often forget about our guttering until it is raining, and no one wants to be out on a ladder cleaning them then even if they are overflowing and causing damage or just being a nuisance. It is important to check all guttering several times a year. Spring and fall are probably the most important times when there will be the highest chance of debris from leaves and a lot of rain.

Gutter Cleaning Prevents Home Damage

Unfortunately, gutters don’t just funnel water away from doorways and windows they also transport dirt, leaves, and other debris that accumulate on our roofs. This can damage the gutter downspouts if they are not cleaned regularly. Along with siding and facia. In some cases, the gutters can even be torn from the house due to the excess weight.

A bi-annual gutter inspection performed from the roof can help avoid a lot of home repair problems. 2 J’s makes it easy, and the regular gutter cleaning service also acts as a gutter inspection. 2 J’s & Sons will always let its customers know if there is another problem that should be addressed. Our routine gutter cleaning fee is much cheaper than the home repair bill could be later. The picture below shows a gutter that has broken, the homeowner called us to clean his gutters thinking he had an impacted downspout. The separation of this gutter could not be seen from the ground or the second-floor deck. The waterfall this particularly gutter caused was luckily very noticeable early on in the problem.

2 J's recommends biannual gutter cleaning that gives the added advantage of being a gutter inspection
Broken Gutter, the customer thought was a clog

It is important to keep guttering clean so they don’t overflow and cause home damage. Clogs that come free on their own can also cause problems if the free debris diverts the water toward the home foundation. This can lead to flooded crawl spaces and potentially cause foundation cracks.  Gutters are one of a building’s first lines of erosion control defense. 

 Don’t forget to ask about power washing siding, sidewalks, and outdoor sitting areas as well.