Lake Front View With Retaining Wall

Terraced Backyard

This is a gorgeous spot located on a little lake in Bella Vista, AR. The very steep grade of the backyard going down to the lake presented many challenges. The sidewalk leading down to the lake is so steep that you have to almost lean backward in order to walk down it. The homeowners were almost unable to use this entire area safely.

We can’t wait for the newly terraced areas to fill in with grass, and maybe sedum or another ground cover to add more color. On a happy note, the homeowners now have a very nice sitting area and are able to safely bring their paddleboat to and from the lake.

Before Landscaping Started


  The entire backyard was originally all covered in gravel with only two retaining walls. You can see the first retaining wall up by the house.

Keystone Retaining wall systems

 The gravel below the original wall has all been cleared away. The first native stone walkway is in the process of being laid out.

During Landscaping

stone retaining wall

The first Native Stone retaining wall is starting to come together.

Native Stone Retaining Wall and Pathways

 Both Native Stone walls are in place with steps and a pathway.

Retaining Wall with block by Keystone
Keystone retaining wall

The bottom retaining wall was raised. These blocks are a Keystone product. They are very durable and easy to assemble. We would recommend them for any similar projects, they will do their job for a very long time.

retaining wall with patio

This is the Native Stone sitting area built into one of the walls. The perfect place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee, or just look at the lake.

Terraced Lake Front Home