Blue Grey Flagstone Fire Pit


Flagstone Firepit

This is a great blueish-grey colored flagstone. In particular, this slate-like blue grey flagstone was sourced out of Tennesse. The 2 J’s & Sons crew loved working with this rock.  The color really pops against this lawn during the growing season. It also brings a certain nostalgia to the fall season. The rock has made a lovely sitting area that doubles as a retaining wall. It is a great firepit for the customers. We hope that they and all of their guests enjoy it using it to entertain for a long time to come.

Flagstone Retaining Wall

The addition of the retaining wall that doubles as a sitting area, was a design feature added to help with erosion. The hills in the area can create some erosion problems. Especially when it comes to growing grass after a lot of rain. The seating area was angled to help control some of the water runoff into the wood lot adjoining the property. From there the water runs off more slowly into a valley.

Although the flagstone firepit is very narrow to accommodate space, the design built in two clean out places on the bottom. These also provide airflow to keep the fire going. The two slots also make getting a fire started quickly much easier.

The hardscape blue grey flagstone firepit project was finished just in time for holiday entertaining. This setup would make a great addition to almost any Northwest Arkansas or Southwest Missouri four state backyard.  

Give us a call at 2 J’s & Sons to talk about a fire pit build in your backyard. Or any hardscape project you may want to be done our crew would love to talk about the perfect option for your space.



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