Why Low Maintenance Landscaping is Important

What is Low Maintenance Landscaping


Low maintenance landscaping virtually maintains itself. Making it more cost effective and less hassle for those with busy life styles. In many cases low maintenance landscapes are more green and have a smaller carbon foot print as well as encouraging local animals and insects do most of the work.

Native Plants

Low maintenance landscaping may include native plants (click the link to learn more about why planting native is important) that are acclimated to your area for example, drought or frost tolerant. These plants also already provide food and habitat for local animals and insects. They bring in native birds and pollinators to contribute to the ecosystem and keep it running smoothly. Local pollinators in many cases reduce pest insects that can destroy a garden habitat in a  short period of time. Often before you see them.

Adding a small self sustaining prairie to a section of your lawn or backyard can make a low maintenance habitat that is wonderful to look at and attracts life to observe year round. At most you might want to cut it once a year or maybe every other. This helps keep unwanted saplings to a minimum but do remember to leave your clippings for the seed and compost value. I recommend this for your yard as well if you have one.

backyard native wildflower prairie

Drainage and Irrigation

Proper drainage and irrigation make up a large part of low maintenance landscaping and can save thousands of dollars in property damage down the road. In some cases drainage is hardscape like in the picture below. (I took this photograph in a heavy down pour of rain this spring. 2019) Dry creek beds make great low maintenance landscapes and in many cases can add curb appeal too, check out our Pinterest board for more ideas.


open faced drainage ditch








Hardscapes are cement, stone, retaining walls, sidewalks or any other hard surface added in to the lawn and landscape. Hardscaping can help minimize wear and tear on a lawn, help with erosion control or simple add curb appeal and fun backyard experiences. Any well done hardscape should also add value to your property. Sitting areas and fire pits are some of our favorite hardscapes.

new retaining wall, fresh mulch and dormant zoysia sod



hardscap-flagstone fire pit








Artificial Turf

No-cut artificial turf with edging, rock work and drought tolerant shrubs creates an eye catching and relaxing oasis. This low maintenance set up cuts out the back breaking work of mowing and watering. It also gives you the peace of mind that you will never have a patchy brown spotted lawn again. This can be a lot more expensive to begin with but in the end artificial turf may be worth the investment if you travel frequently or don’t have the time to take care of a lawn. No-cut grass helps alleviate the worry about your yard while on vacation or business trips.

Add artificial turf  around a pool for a softer and more child friendly surface than cement along with helping to avoid tracking in as much debris.

There are  also dog friendly versions of no cut artificial grass that are easy to wash and maintain.

Low maintenance landscaping.






Low maintenance landscaping is an important part of any lawn or landscape. It can help save time and money, provide natural habitats and cut down on the carbon foot print of your home. If you are interested in low maintenance landscaping give 2 J’s & Sons a call Jeff would love to talk to you about your ideas and help design a plan for your needs or interests.

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